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The easiest way to trade digital assets in the Philippines.
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Buy and sell with PHP
Deposit and withdraw anywhere
Cash in and out of your PDAX account through major banks and payment centers — at more than 10,000 outlets — all over the Philippines. See your account balance updated in real time.
Trade at the best prices 24/7
Buy and sell your assets at the most competitive market prices anytime, even outside business hours.
Because PDAX caters to a high volume of orders at any given time, prices remain competitive and assets are always available.
Minimal Spreads
Matching buy and sell prices lets you maximize returns, whatever the market climate.
Low Fees
Fees are based on how actively you trade and can be as low as 0.05% per transaction.
Harness the power of our institution-grade trading platform
PDAX matches trades within seconds
— faster than the New York Stock Exchange
Transact with confidence
Using tested technology, PDAX protects all your assets and data to comply with laws
Asset Protection
Digital assets are stored in a multi-signature offline environment, ensuring their protection from hackers.
Account Security
Two Factor Authentication (2FA) provides an extra layer of security for your PDAX account by requiring information only you can provide.
Data Privacy
PDAX abides by laws and regulations that protect your identity, including the Data Privacy Act of 2012. Merchants, partners, and other parties will never have access to either your personal or financial data.
The future of investing is digital — and no one should be left behind.
By developing an accessible platform for trading digital assets, PDAX aims to help every Filipino realize the value of investing. We envision a world where anyone — regardless of privilege or experience in financial markets — can trade, own, and grow their hard-earned wealth.
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