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  1. We are the
    Philippine Digital Asset Exchange
    We offer a simple and secure order book for trading cryptocurrencies, utility tokens, and other upcoming digital assets. Using our expertise in finance, trade, and technology, we developed a platform that combines all market processes; an exchange that matches traders directly and enables both buying and selling of digital wealth with Philippine peso.
  2. Our company
    Experts with global insight
    Our company was founded by seasoned leaders in finance, trading, and technology — leaders who are committed to ensuring liquidity and security in financial markets. Our development team consists of in-house blockchain experts who were trained in top institutions worldwide.
  3. Our vision
    Accessible investing for all Filipinos
    We believe that everyone, regardless of privilege or trading experience, deserves a fair shot at the growing their wealth with the help of technology.

    For us, creating a digital asset exchange is the first step towards helping people see the value of investments. Filipinos, with their limited access to financial markets, make the perfect beneficiaries of a highly usable platform for trading.

    A sincere desire to educate combined with a strong belief in the digital future of investing: that is what inspires us to develop PDAX, the easiest way to trade digital assets in the country.