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Fyntegrate, Inc. is a corporation registered and authorized to do business in the Philippines. The terms “Exchange”, “Company”, “we”, and/or “our” shall refer to Fyntegrate Inc., or any of its products or services. The terms “account” and/or “accounts” shall refer to any account(s), or product(s), or service(s) availed pursuant to the terms and conditions set herein.

By signing up, opening an account, and/or logging in to your account, you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions without limitation or qualification. The Exchange may amend and/or revise these Terms and Conditions at any time by posting and updating this page. You are bound by any amendments and/or revisions made by the Company, and you should periodically visit this page to review and be updated on any changes made herein to which you are bound.


    By signing up and opening an account with The Exchange, you affirm that you are at least eighteen (18) years old, not a citizen of the United States of America, and have all the legal capacity to act and enter into an agreement with The Exchange. Furthermore, you bind yourself to submit documents pursuant to the Company’s requirements, including those in relation to the Company’s Money Laundering Prevention Program and Know-Your-Customer Policy and as required by law.
    1. Account refers to an electronic system you have established with The Exchange which enables you to conduct a range of transactions such as but not limited to placing orders and trading.
    2. Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) refer to the government agency authorized to receive, review, and investigate on any covered or suspicious transactions.
    3. Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) refers to the government agency authorized to supervise and regulate financial institutions.
    4. Blockchain refers to a digital ledger which publicly and chronologically records transactions involving cryptocurrencies.
    5. Cryptocurrency refers to a digital currency which utilizes encryption to regulate its generation, and to verify transfer of funds.
    6. Digital Asset refers to content which is stored electronically to which you have ownership.
    7. Downtime refers to a period in which The Exchange platform is unavailable for use due to system or machine error such as but not limited to, system update, regular maintenance, loss of power, and other similar incidents.
    8. Exchange refers to the secured platform owned by the Company in which users can post orders to sell or purchase digital assets.
    9. Fiat Currency refers any currency declared by a government as legal tender.
    10. Order refers to instruction, sent through the Exchange, to buy, sell, exchange or trade digital assets.
    11. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) refers to the government agency authorized to regulate and supervise corporations registered within the jurisdiction of the Philippines.
    You understand and agree that by opening an account, signing up or transacting, you are obliged to adhere and observe the Marketplace Rules and Regulations imposed by THE EXCHANGE. The Company reserves the right to suspend or terminate your use of the exchange platform if it finds that you are in violation of such rules and regulations.
    You understand and agree that holding digital assets comes with risks as the price and value of such assets are subject to market forces. The prices may change rapidly and potentially cause great losses to you. The Exchange has no control over the pricing and valuation of digital assets, and as such the Company shall not be liable for any losses you may incur in transacting, dealing, or exchanging your digital asset. By signing up, you understand and agree that you are transacting in digital assets at your own risk.
    You understand and agree that The Exchange reserves the right to amend, revise, update and/or make changes in the terms and conditions as it deems fit from time to time. By logging in to your account, you affirm that you have read any update(s), amendment(s), or revision(s) made herein. You should revisit this page from time to time to see changes to which you are bound.
    You understand and agree that the Terms and Conditions herein shall be governed by and construed in accordance with applicable laws of the Republic of the Philippines, and by The Exchange’s by-laws, regulations, and practices which shall be made known to you by publication, email, or any other means of communication, and you agree to submit yourself to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of courts in the Republic of the Philippines.

    All applicable laws, circulars, rules and regulations, and guidelines of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC), Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), and such other regulatory bodies shall be deemed incorporated into these Terms and Conditions. As such, you agree that your account, and the products and services availed from THE EXCHANGE shall be governed by all applicable laws, circulars, rules and/or regulations issued by any regulatory bodies or agencies in the Philippines.
    You understand and agree to indemnify and hold The Exchange free from any claim or demand, including but not limited to attorney’s fees and/or damages, arising out of your failure to abide by the terms and conditions of this User Agreement, or use of The Exchange’s products or service.

    The Exchange is released from any claims, demands, and damages of any kind arising from disputes between you, third persons or other user(s) of the products and services offered by the Company.

    You understand and agree that any dispute related to arising from violation of the terms and conditions or other issues should be made through a letter addressed to The Exchange Legal Department. The dispute letter should contain your full name, contact information, and the details of your concern, and must be sent within thirty (30) days from the date of your disputed transaction or from the date your issue and/or concern are made known to you. The Exchange Legal Department will respond to your letter within fifteen (15) days from receipt of your letter and will resolve it within forty-five (45) days from finality of company-initiated investigation.

    You understand and agree that disputes between you and The Exchange arising from violation of this agreement shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with Republic Act 876 otherwise known as Arbitration Law of the Philippines and you waive your right to participate in a class action lawsuit or class-wide arbitration. Arbitration shall not apply to claims for injunctive relief or claims arising from, but not limited to, violation of Intellectual Property Laws. Prevailing party in any action or suit shall be entitled to costs and attorney’s fees.
    You understand and agree that The Exchange will send any notification, statements, and/or other matters to your last known mailing or electronic mail address on record; or it may also communicate with you through short messaging service (SMS) to the last known cellphone number appearing on our records. Your contact information on record are deemed updated every time you access or log on to your account. All communications sent by the Company through mail, email, SMS, social media accounts, websites, or any other forms of communication shall be deemed to have been fully delivered to you. The Exchange reserves the right to elect the most appropriate and effective way of communicating with you.
    You understand and agree that you have all the appropriate approvals, and authorization necessary to enter into an agreement with The Exchange. You also agree not to misuse, abuse, nor subject any part of your account, products, or services for purposes other than its intended use. You affirm that all information, data, and documents which you provided or submitted to The Exchange are complete, accurate, and true to the best of your knowledge, and you shall immediately inform the Company, in writing, of any changes. You also affirm that nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall interfere with or will result to a breach of any other agreement binding upon you.

    The Exchange does not warrant and/or guarantee prices of digital assets. You understand and agree that prices of digital assets may rapidly change, increase, decrease or potentially fall zero. The Exchange does not warrant and/or guarantee any income, interest, or the like arising from any transaction in using this platform.

    You understand and agree that The Exchange has no control over the products and/or services that are paid for using this platform. The company does not warrant or guarantee that other users you are dealing with will complete a transaction. The Exchange makes no representation or warranties regarding timelines for complete processing of one transaction as these are dependent upon several factors outside the Company’s control.

    Furthermore, The Exchange does not warrant the accuracy, adequacy, or completeness of any information and materials found in this website, and expressly disclaims liability of errors or omission of such information. No warranty is given that this website is free from any virus or other malicious, destructive, or corrupting code, or program. The Exchange also does not warrant uninterrupted access to any information on this website, or that it will be free from any errors. Linked websites are not maintained nor sponsored by The Exchange, but merely placed for your convenience; such websites should only be accessed at your own risk.
    You agree, consent, permit, and authorize The Exchange to process, store, and/or disclose, without notice, all information related to your account whether personal, sensitive, and/or privileged with: (a) third persons and entities engaged by the Company to facilitate account administration and/or implementation; (b) The Exchange’s parent company, subsidiaries, affiliates, or such other related companies, to assist the Company in the collection, recording, organization, storage, modification, retrieval, use, consolidation, blocking, erasure, destruction of data, administration, implementation, and servicing of accounts, other products, and facilities; (c) Philippine or foreign government regulatory and/or enforcement agencies for reports relating to your account history including but not limited to your past dues, limit breaches, covered and suspicious transactions, and other reports ordered by such regulatory/enforcement agencies; (d) third parties or entities engaged by the Company, its parent Company, subsidiaries, affiliates or such other related companies under the duty of confidentiality to offer other products and services; (e) service providers or the like entities engaged by the Company to assist in the administration and/or maintenance of its products, facilities, and services; (f) government bodies or agencies having regulatory supervision over The Exchange; (g) such other persons or entities that the Company may deem to have authority or right to receive disclosure of information such as but not limited to (i) payment channels; (ii) banks and/or remittance companies; and (iii) outsourcing agents for the completion of KYC Policy, and other functions which may be outsourced such as but not limited to printing, processing and distribution of statement of accounts.

    Your consent shall likewise be deemed to extend agreement on any law subsequently enacted pertaining to the processing, storing, sharing, updating, and disclosure of any personal information or such other information that may be required for the purposes enumerated above.
    You understand and agree that The Exchange will be collecting information including but not limited to personal information. You can only access this website with respect to your personal information. You are not allowed to access the personal information of persons other than yourself.

    The Exchange Data Privacy Policy explains the process of collecting, protecting, using, sharing, and storage of personal information of its customers, and is deemed to be incorporated in this terms and conditions. You understand and agree that continued access to THE EXCHANGE’s website and/or use of its services will constitute acceptance of THE EXCHANGE Data Privacy Policy which may be revised and/or updated from time to time.
    You understand and agree that The Exchange reserves the right and authority to retain all the information you disclosed to the Company subject to all applicable laws, rules and regulations pertaining to retention periods. Furthermore, the Company reserves the right to delete, destroy, or otherwise dispose of all information in any manner allowed by law without notice.
    You understand and agree that all information you see and/or read on this website is copyrighted unless otherwise disclosed. You agree not to copy, use, and/or distribute any information, in any manner, without the written approval of The Exchange except when this Terms and Conditions expressly allows you to. The Exchange neither warrants nor represents that your usage of any materials displayed on this website will not infringe the rights of third parties.

    All trademarks, service marks, trade names, logos, and icons displayed on this website are registered and unregistered marks of The Exchange. Nothing in this website should be construed as a grant of any license or right to use any mark displayed on this website without written consent of The Exchange.
    The Exchange shall not be liable for any damages losses, costs, and expenses, without limitation, any direct or indirect, actual, moral, nominal, temperate, liquidated, exemplary, special, consequential, punitive damages or economic losses arising from or in connection with (a) any access, use, or inability to use this website; (b) any system, server or connection failure, error, omission, interruption, delay in transmission, or computer virus; (c) any access to any other website linked to this website; (d) any product, services, information, data, or other material obtained from this site or from any linked website.
    You understand and agree that the information on this site is solely intended to inform users of the nature of The Exchange’s business, products and services. It is not intended, and does not constitute any form of investment advice, or legal or tax advice, or an offer to purchase or invest in any kind or type of digital asset. Any information on this site should not be construed as an endorsement, recommendation, or sponsorship of any company offering to sell or purchase digital currencies.

    You also understand and agree that there are inherent risks in relying, using or retrieving any information from this site. The Exchange encourages you to evaluate any information you may encounter from this site and to seek help or guidance from appropriate professionals to evaluate any product, service or opinion.

    You understand and agree that The Exchange is designed to integrate services by its clients’ other digital asset exchanges, or banks, or financial institutions, not to replace their services. The Exchange may, from time to time, advises you regarding non-investment matters but you must only rely on your professional adviser rather than any information The Exchange shares.

    You acknowledge that any requests for information are unsolicited and any information provided shall neither constitute nor be construed as investment advice by THE EXCHANGE to you, nor constitute the formation of an investment advisory relationship, or any other client relationship. The Exchange advise you to seek independent advice from a qualified professional.

    You further understand and agree that The Exchange does not guarantee suitability or potential value of any digital asset, or information source.
    You understand and agree that upon signing up with The Exchange you are already eighteen (18) years old and have all the legal capacity and consent to understand the risks involved in transacting digital currencies, and to enter into an agreement with The Exchange. You further understand and agree that in order to transact, buy and/or sell digital currencies through The Exchange, you shall provide the required documentary requirements, and shall undergo identity verification. You also authorize The Exchange to make necessary inquiries to validate the information you provided.

    You understand and agree that opening an account with The Exchange does not constitute opening a bank account, and that the services being provided by The Exchange are not financial instruments. As such, you are not entitled to be paid any interests, and no government insurance is extended to protect your account. The Exchange reserves the right to collect fees in the form of cash or digital assets, in exchange for the services you obtain from The Exchange, in order to maintain your account, or to withhold necessary fees that the government may require such as taxes.

    You understand and agree that your account transaction is subject to transaction limits. You may increase your limits by adhering to The Exchange’s internal policies, which may include required submission of corresponding KYC requirements, and verification of such documents. The Exchange reserves the right to increase or decrease your transaction limits as it deems necessary.
    You understand and agree that your account is personal and non-transferrable. You are only entitled to open one account under your verified name and identification documents.

    The Exchange reserves the right to suspend or close any or all multiple accounts you may or are suspected to have been opened even without prior notice. You also understand and agree that you are the sole person who should know the password, and other authentication key to your account. You should not share or disclose your password to anyone. The Exchange shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from your negligence in protecting your account. You understand and agree that you have sole responsibility in ensuring your account’s security.

    You understand and agree that you have to submit yourself to the Company’s KYC Policy in order to fully enjoy the benefits of the exchange platform. The Exchange reserves the right to delay, suspend, and/or terminate any order or transaction if you have not submitted any KYC documents, or if further verification is necessary to establish your true identity. Transaction will resume or be completed upon submission of necessary identification documents or until The Exchange is satisfied that there is no suspicious activity in your account.

    The Exchange reserves the right to refuse any account opening, transaction, or order if you are in violation of this Terms and Conditions, required by law, if ordered by court or any regulating or enforcement agency, or if the Company has reasonable belief that your order or transaction is erroneous, invalid, or otherwise suspicious. The Company further reserves the right to refuse account opening, transaction, or order, even after funds are debited from your account if it suspects that the transaction is involved or highly related to money laundering, fraud, or any financial crime.
    The Exchange services are available to select digital asset. The Company reserves the right to elect which digital assets will be available, and it may change from time to time. The Company shall not be held liable for any damage or loss you may incur by transacting or attempting to transact a digital asset which it does not support.

    The Exchange shall not reverse or cancel any digital asset accepted and/or confirmed on the blockchain network, but the Company reserves the right to reverse or cancel any potential high-risk transactions, including those made using reversible payment methods.
    You understand and agree that The Exchange reserves the right to suspend your account if it finds that you have not submitted any of the KYC or identification requirements that the Company requires you to submit. Furthermore, the Company also reserves the right to suspend your account upon the order of any court within Philippine Jurisdiction or any regulating agency.

    THE EXCHANGE reserves the right to restore your account access only upon full submission or until such time that you already submitted your KYC documents. Lastly, The Exchange reserves the right to terminate your account for non-compliance with the company’s KYC Policy.
    You understand and agree that The Exchange does not own or control the software protocols which governs the operation of digital assets. These protocols are usually available in open sources and anyone can use, copy, modify, and distribute them. You understand and agree that The Exchange is not responsible for the operation of such protocol, and makes no guarantee of their functionality, security, or availability; and that said protocols are subject to sudden changes in operating rules, and such changes may materially affect value, function and/or name of the digital asset you transacted with The Exchange.

    You understand and agree that in cases of changes in operating rules, The Exchange may temporarily suspend its service and operations, without notice, and the Company, in its sole discretion, may subsequently configure or reconfigure its systems or decide not to support the new protocol entirely. Should The Exchange decide to stop supporting the new protocol, the Company shall give you an opportunity to withdraw your assets. The Company assumes no responsibility of any kind over an unsupported branch of a new protocol.

    You understand and agree that The Exchange will only process orders, sale, or purchases of supported digital currencies in accordance to your instructions. The Company does not guarantee the identity of any user, receiver, or third parties. You understand and agree that you shall be solely responsible in verifying information of your transaction before sending any instructions to THE EXCHANGE.

    Once you submit your instruction, your order will be unconfirmed pending sufficient verification of the transaction by the digital asset network. THE EXCHANGE reserves the right to charge network and/or miner fee to process your order. The Company shall calculate fees in its discretion. Furthermore, THE EXCHANGE reserves the right not to process conversion of digital asset to fiat currency.
    You understand and agree that The Exchange operates as an exchange that facilitates buying and selling of digital asses. You may use your account to place orders to buy and/or sell digital assets. Once the matching engines match your order, a trade occurs. Unmatched orders will remain in your order book. Each trade will transfer ownership between users; record the transaction in the Company’s internal ledger; and will be reflected in each of the user’s digital or fiat account.

    You also understand and agree that you must first deposit funds before placing an order. You are not permitted to place any order unless you have sufficient funds to satisfy your order. You also acknowledge that once you place your order, the full amount of funds required, including any applicable fee, are placed on hold until your order us filled, expired, or cancelled. You acknowledge that any order that exceeds the amount of available funds in your account will be rejected. You acknowledge that prior to placement of any order, you should review the amount of digital assets to be bought or sold; its purchase price or sale proceeds; any fees associated with your order; and the net proceeds to be transferred in your digital or fiat account.

    You also acknowledge that The Exchange reserves the right to require all orders to complete automated compliance checks. If your order is flagged for review, it will undergo manual compliance review and approval. The Exchange may require confirmation of your order through a telephone, or other forms of authentication prior to the execution of such order. The Company shall not be liable for any delay arising from a flagged order and it also reserves its right to cancel any flagged order.

    You agree and understand that it is your sole responsibility to cancel any order you no longer want to be filled. Furthermore, you acknowledge that you cannot cancel an order prior to its partial or complete fulfillment, and that The Exchange will not be liable to you for the completion of an order you submitted for cancellation.

    You understand and agree that we do not guarantee that any order you place will be filled. You further acknowledge that any of your orders may be subject to delays, difficulties, and other conditions affecting its transmission or execution, which the Company has no control including but not limited to electronic failure, slow internet connection, or market congestion. The Exchange shall not be liable to any damage arising from any delay in processing or completing your order.

    You acknowledge that any order placed during the Company’s declared holidays, system updates, downtimes, or any period in which it cannot process any order, will be handled once the exchange resumes operation.

    All orders that are filed, executed, matched, or completed shall be recorded on the exchange ledger immediately. An order receipt shall be sent to your designated email address after you placed your order; and a trade receipt will be sent after your order is filled. An order receipt shall indicate the date of your order; the type of order placed; identification document presented, amount and pricing information. While a trade receipt shall contain the trade date; trade type; identification document presented; and all fees charges. Any order may be disputed within three calendar days from the date it was filled.

    You understand and agree that orders and trades shall be deemed and treated as authorized, correct and confirmed by you unless disputed through a written notice within three calendar days from the date of order or trade.

    You acknowledge that The Exchange reserves the right to decline or cancel any order, at any time, if your order is placed during downtime, or if your order is found to be materially unmarketable. Furthermore, you acknowledge that it is your sole responsibility to review any of your transaction, history, order receipts, and trade receipts on a regular basis to ensure compliance in the above provisions.
    You may elect to use THE EXCHANGE platform to store your assets temporarily. The Exchange shall have policies in place to ensure security and protection on the platform. However, you understand and agree that there are residual risks and that using the platform to store your digital assets and fiat currencies entails inherent risks that may result to potential loss of stored assets and The Exchange shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from such act. Furthermore, you acknowledge that The Exchange has not encouraged you, for security reasons, to keep assets on the Exchange platform except in order to fund or fulfill transaction obligations. You acknowledge that you are leaving and storing your assets within The Exchange platform at your own risk. The Exchange reserves the right to charge storage fees.
    You understand and agree that The Exchange will tap third-party service providers or different payment channels such as but not limited to banks, remittance centers, or other facilities capable of disbursing cash. The Exchange is not the owner or connected to these third-party service providers, and as such, the Company has no control over the requirements that they may set for you to get your money. You authorize The Exchange to use these channels in order to fulfill your requests to withdraw or transfer cash back to you. The Exchange shall not be held liable for any damage or loss arising from your transaction with these payment channels.

    You understand and agree that high volume withdrawals, or any withdrawal exceeding one million pesos (Php 1,000,000.00) may not always be immediately available. High volume transactions are subject to availability of funds of the third-party service providers, banks, and the asset storage policy of the Company, and as such, The Exchange or any third-party service provider may require you to wait or set an appointment in order to withdraw your assets.
    You understand and agree that The Exchange reserves the right to charge you with applicable fees for any service, product, account maintenance, and other chargeable fees, such as but not limited to, conversion fees, withdrawal fees, deposit fees, trading fees, and the like. You acknowledge that the table of fees and other fees displayed on this website shall apply, unless a different agreement pertaining to fees are given to you by the company. The Exchange reserves the right to change the rates at its own discretion. You further understand and agree to pay all the fees related with or incurred by your use of your account.
    You understand and agree that The Exchange will not allow account opening, transactions, or orders involved in/with the following:
    1. Fraud or any false, deceptive, inaccurate or misleading information about digital assets, its users, or third parties for pecuniary gains or other ends;
    2. Investment schemes, pyramid schemes, ponzi schemes, networking, deceptive charity schemes, multi-level marketing programs, or other similar schemes;
    3. Drugs, illegal narcotics, controlled substances, or other similar substances that may present public health risk;
    4. Gambling, online gambling, illegal lotteries, informal casinos, and other forms of chance and speculation;
    5. Weapons sales, sales of unlicensed firearms, and other certain weapons;
    6. Adult services and media, prostitution, sale of illegal pornographic materials, or any form of human trafficking;
    7. Unauthorized financial institutions, unlicensed money service business, unlicensed financial services, unlicensed investment houses/brokers, and other/similar unregulated financial operations;
    8. Stolen goods including digital or virtual good, or any goods which the holder or seller does not have clear title;
    9. Items that are infringing intellectual property rights, including trademark, copyright, privacy or proprietary right, as well as selling or facilitating sales of counterfeit, unauthorized goods, or other related activities;
    10. Shell companies, or entities that appear to have no clear or genuine business purpose or otherwise designed to operate for a purpose other than which they purport to operate;
    11. Bearer share entities or persons transaction with, or on behalf of, or in relation to entities which the identities of the beneficial owners are not known, and in which ownership stakes are freely alienable;
    12. High risk entities, or any individual, or group of individuals deemed to pose high risk to The Exchange, its customers, or other third-parties;
    13. Violent acts toward self or others, or activities or items that encourage, promote, facilitate of instruct others to do the same;
    14. Coercion, extortion, blackmail, or any forceful effort to induce consent;
    15. Transactions originating from high risk territories declared as such by the government, other states, or internationally recognized organizations, such as but not limited to North Korea, Syria, and Afghanistan.
    16. Transactions originating from territories involved in terrorism or known to have active terrorist activities;
    17. Transactions from individuals known or deemed to be involved with terrorism, money laundering, or any transnational crimes;
    18. Other similar transactions deemed risky by The Exchange, or other businesses, and activities subsequently prohibited by any.
    You understand and agree that by opening an account, signing-up, or transacting, you confirm that you are not a citizen or resident of the United States.
    You understand and agree that The Exchange reserves the right to terminate this agreement, and/or cause the closure of your account at any time, in its own discretion.